Napoleon shaded | Check it out!

Napoloen character rendered in Vray

Napoloen character rendered in Vray

Update: Napoleon Shaded

Been working hard on my Napoleon Short Film in recent days and I thought I’d share some results. Above is the final Napoleon shaded and ready for animation. I had Richard Daniels, with whom I work at WOLF & CROW, do the materials and textures in Vray. Really like the results he’s getting and we are working on setting up a fun posed still now that we have him rigged.

The texturing was done using a combination of Mudbox and a table top scanner! I really enjoy all the little details that we added in on the buttons and the trim on the hat. The modeling and the shading are final on the character now but I would like to spend some time tweaking the hair so it feels more clumpy and less all over the place. Also need to create 2 hairsets.  One for when he has the hat on and one with it off.

Next up will be his might stead which is currently a WIP in the shading phase.  I hope to post up the zbrush sculpt for the horse. Also in progress is the set for the first short. Enjoy!